NAI PGP Keyserver with OpenLDAP

Wed Aug 27 16:26:01 2003

> > Hi again,
> > 
> > Well I just found out that THIS SEEMS TO BE A BUG in the
> GnuPG Win32
> > Version.
> > The Linux version works just fine.
> > The key was stored with CR/LF in LDAP. While the Linux
> client didn't
> > have a problem with that the Win32 version stated no valid
> Open PGP data.
> > When I store the key only with LF it works for Linux and Win32, too.
> Can you give me an example of what you mean?  How did you put the keys 
> into the LDAP server in the first place?
> David

Well, in the first place I used ldif-files and ldapadd(OpenLDAP) to store
the info in the OpenLDAP-Server.
Then I sniffed network traffic with different clients and different servers.
With this info I found out that the Keys coming from
ldap:// don't have CRLF but LF to separate the lines and it
The keys coming from my OpenLDAP had CRLFs and WinGnuPG complained but Linux
Version didn't.

Then I used ldp.exe from the Windows Support Tools to browse and edit the
LDAP entries. I copied and pasted the key from the server to a file and got
rid of the CRs. Then uploaded it again with ldp.exe and then it worked.
Btw importing the file with the key I copied/pasted from ldap was no problem
for WinGnuPG.