Re-using keys

Ross Druker
Wed Aug 27 17:04:01 2003

Thanks!  That worked.


On Aug 27, 10:23am, Eugene Smiley wrote:
> Subject: Re: Re-using keys
> Hash: SHA1
> Ross Druker wrote:
> > I have a user who has been using a Windows version of pgp.  I've
> > recently compiled and installed a Unix version of gnupg.  The user
> > asked me if they could re-use their Windows keys in the Unix
> > system.  But from what I've read, I need to generate a new
> > public/private key pair for the user using gpg --gen-key.  Is this
> > correct?  Or is there some way to "import" their existing keys.
> Incorrect. You CAN import into GPG a key exported from PGP. You must
> first export the key with the "Include Private Keys" optionbox
> checked. Import it into GPG normally and it will recognize the secret
> key and act accordingly.
> Version: GnuPG v1.2.2-nr2 (Windows XP)
> Comment: Using GnuPG with Mozilla -
> iD8DBQE/TL6/6QPtAqft/S8RAiEyAJ0VBOA3ZWezAXTjHebs0LDrMQ8zjwCePnhO
> ypeBVpDG5HlH8r/ZvBbrIQc=
> =ggPQ
>-- End of excerpt from Eugene Smiley

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