new (2003-11-30) keyanalyze results

Stefan Bellon sbellon at
Mon Dec 1 18:59:42 CET 2003

David Shaw wrote:
> Using a compromised key to revoke a key out from under someone else
> raises some interesting ethical questions.  It's similar (though not
> quite as problematic) to the use of a virus to patch people's
> computers without their knowledge.  I don't plan on doing this, but
> it's an interesting question nonetheless.

I once created a method of disabling Nimda on an infected computer (and
display a warning message for the user when the computer is booted next
time) while this computer tried to infect my HTTP server. However law
(at least in Germany) sees this as an aggression against the owner of
that computer (because I alter his data), so I only did it as a
proof-of-concept and didn't use it in practise.

Interesting question, indeed.

Stefan Bellon

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