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Neil Williams linux at
Wed Dec 3 19:39:09 CET 2003

On Wednesday 03 Dec 2003 4:55 pm, Thomas Spuhler wrote:
> I am just interested. why is your key not available on a keyserver?
> Is there something against publishing it on a server?
> Tom

It is on a keyserver:

However, in general, if you get unknown keys, it's worth checking the full 
text of the email - there are reasons why some keys aren't on keyservers and 
Denis has put a comment line in his GnuPG signature giving the URL of the 
(Together with the reasoning.)

Others use a header, much like the ones added for the list or by spam filters.

Unfortunately, Denis' key isn't linked to the largest strongly connected set, 
as used with Wotsap and others, , so it 
always comes up as untrusted and always gets deleted when I tidy up my 
keyring! So I keep having to remember where to find a fresh one after 
importing the backup. It becomes a habit after a while to check the source of 
the message for all keys that auto-retrieve can't find. I really ought to 
update the selected keyserver though - using would avoid 
the problem entirely.


Neil Williams
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