[fyi] OpenPGP in Python

Kai Raven k.raven at freenet.de
Thu Dec 4 21:51:03 CET 2003


found it over a weblog. Perhaps it is interesting for somebody.

OpenPGP in Python

Welcome to the happy homepage of an OpenPGP implementation written in
Python. The implementation is available as a package which contains a
simple command line application and API (which is being used to run the
demonstrations here). The implementation package depends on PyCrypto.

This implementation provides support for typical signing, verifying,
encrypting, and decrypting of OpenPGP data and should work fine with the
latest versions of GnuPGP and PGP (older versions may not be compatible
with the latest improvements to the OpenPGP draft). This implementation
currently does not support clearsigned nests, key generation, or key
manipulation (all on the list of things to do). It also does not support
some "fancy" signatures, the use of which are in question (or at least
questionable), a la 3rd party and timestamp signatures.

The original goal was to create a key server that required signatures
for key updates. Starting with the pgpmsg-1.0 packet reader and fiddling
with signing code, the temptation to do a complete implementation grew.
This is the beginning of the end result. 


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