CPAN GPG-0.06 Help - Secret Key Unavailable

Neil Williams linux at
Sat Dec 6 15:49:32 CET 2003

On Friday 05 Dec 2003 12:02 pm, Robert Curry wrote:
> Hi,
> I am extremely new to both Perl and GPG.  I have managed to get a perl
> script to use the CPAN GPG-0.06 module and it successfully creates a GPG
> object but when I attempt to clearsign anything I get a "secret key not
> available" error.

--homedir ./.gnupg caused problems with previous scripts like this, have you 
tried specifying the path as an absolute path, fully qualified?

> : /usr/local/bin/gpg -a --homedir ./.gnupg --batch --no-comment
> : --no-version
> $self->{'homedir'} : ./.gnupg $self->{'config'} : $self->{'armor'} : 1

./.gnupg is relative - but relative to where?

> iloveapple month: all STDOUT : WARNING : STDERR : gpg: no default secret
> key: secret key not available gpg: [stdin]: clearsign failed: secret key
> not available

have you set your own key to ultimate trust in the keyring?

Can you decrypt successfully at the command line?


Neil Williams
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