What to do after my key is signed by others?

Ingo Kletti ikletti at web.de
Mon Dec 8 15:33:23 CET 2003


I´ve just started using GnuPG and have read some of the documentation
("GnuPG MiniHOWTO",  "The GNU Privacy Handbook",  "A Practical Introduction
to GPG in Windows"). I understand that my key has to be signed by others
so that it becomes trustworthy, but i still am not certain if i understood what
to do after my key got signed.
In what way is the signature connected to my public key? Is it integrated
into it? In my understanding this would mean that i have to upload this new
signed key to the keyserver everytime i get somebody to sign it. Is that so?

And while we´re talking about keyservers: Does it make sense to put the key
on more than one keyserver (besides redundancy for server outages)?


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