[Enigmail] PGP 8 --> GnuPG (and Enigmail)

Timo Schulz twoaday at freakmail.de
Fri Dec 12 07:19:58 CET 2003

On Thu Dec 11 2003; 20:19, Dmitri Vassilenko wrote:

> gpg --import C:\Keys\pubring.pkr
> gpg --import C:\Keys\secring.skr
> Change the directory accordingly.

IIRC, the keyring format is not part of the RFC2440 standard so it
would be propable better to export all secret and public keys via
PGPkeys and then you can import the PGP output files.

I know that the PGP keyring files are just a composition of PGP packets
so it no problem but if you transfer it. But if you use it on a different
machines (or it is used by a different user) local stuff won't be 
stripped (local sigs, etc...)


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