Output file to specific directory?

Mads Laursen gnupg at dossen.dk
Wed Dec 17 01:01:54 CET 2003

On 15/12/03 11.35, Peter Schott wrote:
> I'm using the Windows port of GPG and am trying to place the encrypted
> or decrypted file in a different directory than the one where the
> original file resides.  So far, I've found no way to push the output to
> a different directory.  When I run GPG from the desired directory, it
> still places the output in the directory with the original file.
> Any ideas on how to make this work short of batching a move after the
> encrypt/decrypt?  Is this even possible in GPG?
> Thanks in advance.

I might be wrong, but how about doing something like:

  Find the current directory.
  Find absolute path of file.
  Cd to output directory.
  Invoke gpg command on file with absolute path.
  Cd to previous directory.

Would that work?


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