Can --textmode break things ?

Jason_Mantor at Jason_Mantor at
Wed Dec 17 17:45:26 CET 2003

      I've just come across an interoperability issue and I'm hoping
someone else has some
experience that'll help me out.
      We're using GnuPG 1.2.x on Windows NT 4.0.  The trading partner in
question is
using PGP E-biz Server 7.5x on a mainframe (390, I think.)  They are unable
to decrypt files from
my production system and can only decrypt files that I've manually
with an additional -textmode argument.  All of the files that go through
these systems are
DOS-ASCII text files.  There's no reason it should ever need to handle
un-encoded binary data
and the industry specs require RFC-2440 compliant encryption packages be
      Here's my real question :  Considering the above, can I safely add
--textmode to my
gpg options file and use this for all my trading partners that are using
PGP, or could that break things ?


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