Handling of different key types with GnuPG

Kai Raven k.raven at freenet.de
Thu Dec 18 18:38:24 CET 2003


i had some difficulties to encrypt or sign with GnuPG 1.2.3 to two
recipients, both using two different versions of PGP 6.5.8. The first
key was from 1998 and GnuPG said me, that the key had no preferences,
because "PGP 2.X style keys have no preferences". So the compliance
option "pgp6" could not be working. With pgp2 all worked fine.
OK, i have different gpg.conf files to deal with keys from different
PGP versions and i switch to them with Sylpheeds action feature on the
fly. But what is the best way to handle a large key base with all kinds
of keys? Detect and export all keys with a special type to an own
pubring? But than i have the same problem again to remember the used key
type and to take the correct gpg.conf.

So i think, it would be nice to have an "option" for the gpg.conf to
define for a group of keys the right compliance option. E. g. something
keygroup1 keyid1,keyid2,keyidn pgp2
keygroup2 keyid1,keyid2,keyidn gnupg
and so on...

I don't know, if something like that is possible or useful.


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