key history on keyservers

Stephan Debelle stephan_mobile at
Fri Dec 19 14:36:32 CET 2003

In an attempt to change the comment (which can not be removed) for my key, I 
did the following:

1- Removed existing signatures from my key so it would be as it was 
2- Added a new address to the key using the adduid command
3- Made this address the primary address
4- removed the address which included the comments I wanted to removed

Locally I could view the signature on the key and everything looked great 
exactly as it should have been.  I then re-added another address and it also 
is fine when I look at the key locally on my machine.

Next I uploaded the key to a key server to update the new "version", to my 
surprise the key kept its history.  Now it appears very messy (still usable) 
as it includes all the changes I made to it.  I am somewhat surprised by 
this behavior as it seem we can remove addresses and signatures from a key 
but the key server appears to keep the history.

Any idea why it is set up this way?

Hope this makes sense..


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