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> BTW: I don't know of anyway to have umask activate execute permissions
> on a file, do you? I thought 0 will only do rwx on directories. At least
> that's how it works on my system 027 will give rw-r-----

umask takes away permissions (such as taking away other users' ability to
read files) but cannot be used to add permissions (such as turning on an
execute bit).

depending on your shell and/or flavor of *nix, you might be able to create
an empty file by `touch`ing it, then chmod it, then redirect stuff into
it. the point is to set the restrictive permissions before filling the
file with data.

if you can't create a file by touching it, you can always do:
  echo > new_file
  chmod 700 new_file
  echo "${good_stuff}" > new_file


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