Pinentry Problem

Andreas Woithon awo at
Sun Dec 28 13:47:16 CET 2003


I have the following problem with pinentry 0.6.9-133 under SuSE Professional
9.0, installation from scratch:
When I want to sign an email (for example) I always get the error message,
that the passphrase is wrong. As I'am absolutley sure that the entered
phrase is correct I checked what pinentry gives back by using "pinentry-qt"
and "getpin". Some key combinations (like shift-3 or shift-5) produce wrong
results (like %25 for shift-5). I guess that's te reason why the passphrase
dialogue fails. Other key combinations (like shift-2) gives back the correct
Any ideas?

Gruß / Sincerely
Andreas Woithon
PGP/GPG Fingerprint "9C83 F58D 7B9C B6C8 FA92  227B A10D 741D 24C9 74F1"

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