Errors compiling 1.2.4 on OpenBSD 3.4

Richard Cattien rc.foreign at
Mon Dec 29 22:00:30 CET 2003

Hi David,

On Mon, Dec 29, 2003 at 03:43:28PM -0500, David Shaw wrote:
> OpenBSD used to have a different/unusual assembler than the other
> BSDs, so there is special code to handle that.  If OpenBSD 3.4 changes
> this, then there could be a problem.
Mike already pointed me to

but only solution #2 (--disable-asm) was working for me. Solution #2
gives the same error.

> What happens if you apply the attached patch to mpi/config.links ?

I am not a developer, how exactly I have to do this?

thanks for help,


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