show photo Not working in GnuPG 1.2.4 on WinXP Pro?

Greg Strong GW_GoldWing at
Wed Dec 31 15:23:21 CET 2003

Hello David,

On Wed, 31 Dec 2003, at 13:31:32 GMT -0500 (12/31/2003, 12:31 PM -0500
GMT here), you wrote in <mid:20031231183132.GC24631 at>:

>> | gpg: DBG: system() command is x:\program files\gnupg\gpgshell\gpgview.exe C:\DOC

> Probably.  You can see the command line the GnuPG is executing.  If
> you can't run that command line yourself, then you know where the
> problem is.

Yes with my options files.  I changed my configuration some time ago and
never changed the path to the viewer in the option file.

So in summary the problem was ME. What can I say? Live and learn.

Best regards,

Greg Strong                     
TB! v2.03 Beta/25 on Windows XP Service Pack 1

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