Getting rid of old uids from my key...

David Shaw
Sat Feb 1 08:02:39 2003

On Tue, Jan 28, 2003 at 12:14:56PM -0700, Rob Park wrote:
> Hello,
> My key has a lot of old email addresses attached to it, addresses that I
> no longer have access to. I know that I can edit the key and delete
> them, but if I update the key from the keyservers, all the deleted uids
> come back, even if I send the trimmed key to the keyservers first (so
> the keyservers are consolidating all the UIDs).
> Is it possible to remove these extra uids permanently? Or do I just have
> to create a new key?

What you need to do is revoke the extra user IDs.  You can do this
from the --edit-key menu.  Select the user ID you want to revoke, and
enter "revsig".  Revoke the self-signature on that user ID, and the ID
itself will become revoked.

In the development version 1.3.x, you can use "revuid" directly.


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