Getting rid of old uids from my key...

Jason Harris
Sat Feb 1 18:01:01 2003

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On Tue, Jan 28, 2003 at 12:14:56PM -0700, Rob Park wrote:

> My key has a lot of old email addresses attached to it, addresses that I
> no longer have access to. I know that I can edit the key and delete
> them, but if I update the key from the keyservers, all the deleted uids
> come back, even if I send the trimmed key to the keyservers first (so
> the keyservers are consolidating all the UIDs).
> Is it possible to remove these extra uids permanently? Or do I just have
> to create a new key?

You should revoke your signatures on those userids to indicate that
they shouldn't be used.  That the userids on the keyservers have the
word "old" in them but don't exist in their normal form:

1024D/204A79C7 2001-10-15 Robert Bruce Park (Old Email Address) <fezzike
                          Robert Bruce Park (Feztaa) <feztaa sha
                          Robert Bruce Park (University) <rbpark ualbert
                          Robert Bruce Park (Old, Old Email Address) <ki
                          Robert Bruce Park (Old, Old, Old Email Address

means that you could have just removed them before you uploaded your
key to any keyserver in the first place (unless you _wanted_ to document
that they were old addresses but have since changed your mind).

If anybody else has a copy of your key with the the original userids
(not containing "old") on it, they can upload it to the keyservers
and you'll need to revoke selfsigs on those as well.

Whether you revoke your selfsigs or the entire key, you'll need to
manually upload it to the unsynchronized keyservers:

in case any of your correspondents (who never (publicly) signed your key)
happen to use one of them.

Check out these sites:

to get some signatures on your key.

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