Build checks of 1.2.1 leading to segemtation fault

Labib Iskander, Marcus
Mon Feb 3 18:48:01 2003

Hi list,

I was trying to install a gnupg source distribution just downloaded.
	./configure --prefix=/export/home/mlabib/gnupg/build
I just did
	make install
what ended in a segmentation fault. My fault?

make[1]: Leaving directory `/export/home/mlabib/gnupg/gnupg-1.2.1/doc'
Making install in checks
make[1]: Entering directory `/export/home/mlabib/gnupg/gnupg-1.2.1/checks'
echo '#!/bin/sh' >./gpg_dearmor
echo "../g10/gpg --no-options --no-greeting \
             --no-secmem-warning --batch --dearmor" >>./gpg_dearmor
chmod 755 ./gpg_dearmor
./gpg_dearmor > ./pubring.gpg < ./pubring.asc
./gpg_dearmor: line 2: 11798 Segmentation fault      ../g10/gpg --no-options
--no-greeting --no-secmem-warning --batch --dearmor
make[1]: *** [pubring.gpg] Error 139
make[1]: Leaving directory `/export/home/mlabib/gnupg/gnupg-1.2.1/checks'
make: *** [install-recursive] Error 1

Am I mistaken to regard my installation as disfunctional?

Please give me a hint how to install gnupg. I am trying to install it on
	Configured for: GNU/Linux (i686-pc-linux-gnu)
but can't use the rpm file since I don't want to install it as root.