What is 'gpg: Warning: unsafe permissions on directory '

David Shaw dshaw@jabberwocky.com
Wed Feb 5 14:49:02 2003

On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 02:24:35PM +1100, John Jolley wrote:
> Hello,
> I keep getting this warning while trying to run GPG in
> a Perl script in CGI on a remote Unix-type computer.
> Changing file permissions makes no change and I am perplexed
> by this message.
> This message includes the directory the gpg files are in as well as the
> files themselves.
> gpg: Warning: unsafe permissions on directory

It means that the directory referenced was either:

1) Not owned by you
2) Gives read or write permission to someone other than you.

In certain cases, like CGIs or other unattended installs, the warnings
are not useful for one reason or another.  In these cases, you can use
the "no-permission-warning" option.


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