encryption to multiple recipients

Erwan David erwan@rail.eu.org
Fri Feb 7 18:32:01 2003

Le Fri  7/02/2003, markus disait
> Hi,
> I strongly miss an option for gpg (version 1.2.1) to encrypt to several
> recipients using key-IDs. I spend some time trying to figure it out,
> done some testing, but I'm left clueless.
> I'm using Mutt to take part in an encrypted mailing list. But because
> there's no master key for the list, each member has his own key. 
> So I decided to use the simplest way, applying this keyword to .muttrc
> pgp-hook encrypted@mailing.list "keyID1 keyID2 keyID3"
> but it does not work. 
> Any hints or ideas, how I could solve the problem?

did you try defining a group whose name is the name of the list ?