building GPG 1.2.1 on HP/UX 11.11

Joseph Bruni
Fri Feb 7 23:17:12 2003

Hello all,

When building GPG 1.2.1 on HP/UX 11.11 with the non-bundled C compiler, I ran
into a snag with the ./intl/gettextP.h file. It appears that HP's compiler
doesn't recognize the "inline" keyword, and dies when it hits the definition of
the SWAP function.

Adding "#define inline" to the header file allowed me to compile gpg just fine
using all the default options. Perhaps a test could be added to autoconf to
look for C compilers that don't support "inline"?


PGP fingerprint:
886F 6A8A 68A1 5E90 EF3F  8EFA E2B8 3F99 7343 C1E3

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