problem with gpa-0.6.0

Sat Feb 8 21:58:01 2003

Hi all,
@Miguel :
i'm already subscribed to the list since 01/10/2003, but have set my 
preferences to not receive mail because of low disk space. My previous 
mail never appeared in the html interface, i hope this one will.
After seeking for those error messages on discussion groups, I still 
don't know what to do, i have compiled latest version of freetype  2.1.3 
and installed it sucessfully , but when querying the rpm database here 
is what i found installed :

freetype2-devel 2.0.9-3mdk
freetype 1.3.1-17mdk
freetype2 2.1.2-3tex

the problem remains the same, should i remove my current version of 
pango, and pango-devel? and only let freetype-2.1.3 and remove other 

Miguel Coca wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 02, 2003 at 18:02:32 +0100, Thomas Arend wrote:
>>Am Sonntag, 26. Januar 2003 11:51 schrieb S C:
>>>i installed the gpgme-0.4.0, with no problems, but i have the following
>>>error msg when trying to install gpa-0.6.0 :
>>>[t@localhost gpa-0.6.0]$ ./configure
>>>checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr//bin/install -c
>>>checking whether build environment is sane... yes
>>>checking for gawk... gawk
>>>checking for bison... bison
>>>checking version of bison... 1.35, ok
>>>checking whether NLS is requested... yes
>>>checking whether included gettext is requested... no
>>>checking for GNU gettext in libc... yes
>>>checking for pkg-config... /usr//bin/pkg-config
>>>checking for GTK+ - version >= 2.0.0... no
>>>*** Could not run GTK+ test program, checking why...
>>>*** The test program failed to compile or link. See the file config.log
>>>for the
>>>*** exact error that occured. This usually means GTK+ is incorrectly
>>>configure: error: Cannot find GTK+ 2.0
>>>[t@localhost gpa-0.6.0]$
>>Had the same error Message on an SuSE 8.1 System.
> Actually, I've got S C's config.log, and GTK is properly found, unlike
> in SuSE. However the test program does not link correctly due to
> unresolved symbols (this may be due to the lack of pango-devel and
> atk-devel, now that I think of it). 
> I'm CC'ing him on this, as I know he does not subscribe to this list.
>>You should also check for pango-devel and atk-devel. If they are realy 
>>requierd I don't know. I got this info from Miguel who had it from another 
>>Thanks to Miguel Coca who solved my problem just today.
> Actually, the credit must go to Steffen Michalek, who first told me
> the steps he followed to compile GPA on SuSE.
> Thanks,