GPG for Window apps
Tue Feb 25 14:15:07 2003

I'm trying to figure out how to access gpg from a windows application.
I've looked at gpgme, but that looks a lot like it's written only for
unix. On google searches for answers I did occasionally find someone
who asked if he could use it for windows, but I couldn't find many
answers to that question, except for old ones that said you need
cygwin for that. But does compiling under cygwin yield a normal .dll
file for windows? And hasn't somebody ported the library directly to
windows in the mean time?

I also found a reference to gpgcom, which is supposed to be a com
object, and the readme file says:

    Because you are reading this file, you probably have already
    unpacked it distribution using a unzip utility :-). You should
    find these files:

       README      - This file
       gpgcom.exe  - The Gpgcom server
       vbtest.html - A Test webpage 
       vbtest.vbs  - A VB script to be used with the cscript utility

Unfortunately, there's no gpgcom.exe, only source files. And again
they look like they are supposed to be compiled in unix. It would
be great if I could just get that gpgcom.exe somewhere, but I can't
find it.

Also, is there documentation on how to use gpgme or gpgcom for simple
encryption and authentication? Or do I have to distill that from the
source? I don't need much right now, just simple encryption with as
few bells and whistles as possible, and maybe in the future

It'd be really great if somebody could point me in the right direction
here. Or at least tell me that I'm on new territory and have to do it