compress-algo issues

Fri Feb 28 10:31:02 2003

Luciano Campal Vazquez schrieb:
> i found that also the --simple-sk-checksum is neccesary. At least for me.
> On Thu, 27 Feb 2003 09:24:14 -0600
> "Gill, John" <> wrote:
> > I'm trying to interoperate with pgp and gpg, and the sticking point seems to
> > be the compressi-algo option.  I think I should be using the option for ZIP,
> > but what is the numeric code for that?  I thought that it was 1.

one way:
"> Also, what will be the result if I set preferences to "none"?

You'll have no preferences, which means the cipher 3DES, the hash
SHA1, and the compressions ZIP or uncompressed."

or another:
"If you're wanting to change the prefered hashes and cipher algos
in your key, this can be done with 'gpg --edit-key <keyid>'

This will bring up the interactive key editing menu (type 'help'
to get a full list of interactive menu options). Typing
'showpref' will display the current preferences for the key,
listing the cipher algos, hashes and compression libs. You can
change the preferences in the list by typing 'pref' to compare
the preference values with those shown with 'showpref' (which is
more verbose), and then using 'setpref <string>' to set your
key's preferences to the values given in the <string>, and then
update the preferences with 'updpref'.

For example, S7 is AES, S10 is TWOFISH, etc. for a couple of the
cipher algos, H3 is RIPEMD160, and H2 is SHA1 for hashes, and Z2
is ZLIB and Z1 is ZIP for compression. Let's say that you want
to change your preferences to use only TWOFISH for the cipher
algo, RIPEMD160 for the hash and ZLIB for compression...

$ gpg --edit-key 0x91EC5F05

Command> showpref
pub  1024D/18E19CAB  created: 2002-03-02 expires: never     
trust: u/u
(1). Ima GnuPGuser <>
     Hash: RIPEMD160, SHA1
     Compression: ZLIB, ZIP

Command> pref
pub  1024D/18E19CAB  created: 2002-03-02 expires: never     
trust: u/u
(1). Ima GnuPGuser <>
     S7 S10 S3 S4 H3 H2 Z2 Z1

Command> setpref S10 H3 Z2

Command> updpref

Command> quit


This will change your key's preferences for the chosen cipher
algos, hash and compression to be used to those you specified in
the <string>.

You can also include in your ~/.gnupg/options (soon to be
~/.gnupg/gpg.conf with the release of 1.2) the option
'--cipher-algo <name>' where <name> is one of the supported
cipher algos (can be found with 'gpg --version'), or you could
also also indicate in your options file the line
'--preference-list <string>' (where <string> is a list of
preferences as would be used with 'setpref' in the --edit-key's
interactive menu.

I hope this is what you were looking for. More information on
setting your preferences using both the interactive menu in
'--edit-key' and the options file can be found in the man pages
if needed."

markus kampkoetter