GnuPG footprint questions

David Shaw
Thu Jan 2 15:42:02 2003

On Wed, Jan 01, 2003 at 06:55:07PM +0530, Ashwin Patwekar wrote:
> Hi ,
>     What would be the minumum foot print of gnupg ?
>  I  plan to use it on embedded gnu linux (arm) with only the decrypt
> functionality how small can it get?
> Is there a slim solution of gnupg available ?

The easiest thing to do is to build it with:

./configure --disable-exec --disable-nls --disable-dynload

It's not difficult to go even smaller by stripping out various ciphers
or the help text strings, but there is currently no way to do that
with a simple ./configure option.  You'd have to edit the source.

As for removing the encrypt functionality, that's an edit-the-source
as well.  I wonder how much space you'd save doing that, since the
encrypt and decrypt functions share a lot of the same underlying code.


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