Cannot connect to Keyservers

Thorsten Haude
Fri Jan 3 13:27:02 2003

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I have trouble connecting to several keyservers with GnuPG 1.0.5:
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yooden@eumel> gpg --send-key 4065A1DA
gpg: Senden an `' erfolglos (status=3D400)
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I get this error (or an occasional timeout) on all servers I tried,
except for, where I get status 406. (Which may be
caused by the fact that I have no address.)

I was able to automatically download keys even after this error showed
the first time.

I searched Google and GnuPG's FAQ, but didn't find a solution, in fact
not even a description of the error status values. I assume these are
HTTP status values, which would make this a Bad Request. I sure didn't
malform the syntax, so what's happening here?

I don't use proxies and have no trouble with other protocols, not even
pinging the keyservers.

Where should I look to find the cause of this error? What options can
be important?

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Version: GnuPG v1.0.5 (GNU/Linux)
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