David Shaw
Fri Jan 3 15:27:02 2003

On Fri, Jan 03, 2003 at 04:03:29PM +0200, Gyre wrote:

> Has anyone used the new gnupg-1.2.1-lc2 yet?
> I'm wondering if anyone noticed this version
> from ALT Team and what do you think about it?
> The LANS key generated in that GPG version
> actually fails to be imported in any other
> known version of GPG or PGP, making this
> pitiful incompatibility rather inconvenient
> for users. So, I'm interested in getting some
> opinions about this version.

The LANCrypto version is a patch that adds a few algorithms - a public
key signing algorithm (LANS), a hash (GAS48), and ciphers WICKER,
NUSH128, NUSH192, and NUSH256.  OpenPGP in general supports this sort
of thing by defining a range of algorithm numbers that are reserved
for experimental use like this, and LANCrypto quite properly put their
new algorithms in the experimental range.

However, the bottom line is that are LANCrypto algorithms, and are not
part of the OpenPGP standard so they will not be usable in PGP or
(regular) GnuPG.  PGP and GnuPG are doing the correct thing by
refusing to import LANS keys.


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