GEAM doese not decrypt Mails

Caedon Heron
Fri Jan 3 16:57:02 2003

does somebody have a good knowledge of GEAM? I installed GEAM and the encryption works so far. Unfortunately I did not manage GEAM to decrypt mails.  In the logs I see in addition no entry. It looks in such a way, as if GEAM does not examine at all whether a Mail must be decrypted. 

In my installation GEAM accepts the mails on port 25 and passes it on at sendmail on port 8025 (inside and outside).

Can someone send me an example configuration? 

The examples which comes with GEAM do not further help me - sorry Werner!

How can a suitable test scenario look? At present a user sends an unencrypted Mail to, which is encrypted through GEAM/GPG. If Bob sends however a encrypted Mail, this is not decrypted - what I would actually expect. GEAM does not seems to examine whether a Mail is encrypted. Can it be, that GEAM examines only  a Mail witch comes from the outside (thus not of and only if this is the case GEAM examines whether the Mail must be decrypted? 

Greeting Caedeon 

Btw: Yes, I read the instruction of Werner. However, perhaps I did not understand it correctly but I believe many ones have this problem.

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