FYI>>Ad-aware (freeware)

carl w spitzer
Mon Jan 6 03:09:01 2003

     It's Thursday. These days you just can't be sure who or what 
     may  be watching and tracking where you go on the  Internet. 
     Rogue  applications known as "spyware" are  being  developed 
     and distributed by unscrupulous entities to gather  informa-
     tion  from your PC without your knowledge or approval.  Your 
     surfing  habits,  such as the web sites you visit  and  even 
     personal information can all be gathered by spyware and sent 
     back to an undisclosed location and you won't even know it's 
     happening.  These programs are not detectable by  anti-virus 
     software and won't even show up in Windows Task Manager. 

     With  numerous  varieties of spyware  currently  out  there, 
     there's  a  real possibility that your PC has  already  been 
     targeted.  They can attach themselves to your PC in  a  many 
     ways, but the most common is through the ordinary process of 
     software  installation.  Some  of the  worst  offenders  are 
     shareware programs downloaded from the Internet. 

     What  can  you do? LavaSoft Ad-aware

     Ad-aware  is  a free multi spyware removal utility  that  is 
     capable  of scanning your memory, registry, and hard  drives 
     for known spyware components and lets you remove them  safe-
     ly. You can download a copy from their web site by following 
     the link below. 
     mirror one below

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