Problems with emacs + crypt++ + gpg + iso-8859-2; newbie.

Constantin Dumitrescu Constantin Dumitrescu <>
Mon Jan 6 10:28:02 2003

Hi, and a Happy New Year!

Does anyone have experience with the setup from the subject line?

I'm having all sort of problems with that combination; for example, I
have a file msg.txt in clear text that uses the iso-8859-2 coding
system; I visit this file, do M-x crypt-encrypted-mode, and finaly C-x
C-w, to save it under the name msg.gpg, but the msg.gpg file is empty.

Other time, (can't recall exactly how I had set up crypt++), it
worked, the msg.pgp file was encrypted, but when I visited it some
later time, all my romanian characters were looking wrong, like escape

I wish to be able to encrypt a file that uses iso-8859-2 coding system
and later read it without having the romanian characters
wrong. Currently I'm only able to do that if I save it in clear text,
encrypt it from the shell; later decrypt it from the shell, and visit
it. That means I don't use crypt++ at all.

I'm doing something wrong in my crypt++ setup probably, but don't know
what. Or maybe I need some special setup?

Can someone help me? Thanks.