importing mac pubkey into gpg???

Mon Jan 6 13:21:29 2003

Hi David,

I regularly swap keys between our local Mac ( PGP 6.5.2) and Unix server (GPG 1.2.0) without trouble.

If your contact wants to generate an ascii-armoured key on the Mac ( as opposed to the binary which you may have), the steps are something like:

- open the PGPkeys application
- select the icon of the key you want to export
- from the top menuu choose KEYS/EXPORT

This will produce a plain text file, which can be safely emailed.

Another posibility is that they can export their keys to a key server, and you could then import them from there.

Good luck - David Taiaroa

>I've received a PGP 2.x key that was generated on a macintosh, which I'm
>trying to import to GPG 1.2.1-2 on debian (x86).
>I don't know anything about mac file formats, but what I do see is that
>the file isn't ascii-armoured.
>Can someone please tell me - what steps do i need to take to import this
>key? What macintosh file conversion commands and arguments do i need to
>run first?
>Thanks for your help

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