Instant messaging client with GnuPG support ?

Todd Todd <>
Wed Jan 8 00:48:02 2003

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Toxik - Fabian Rodriguez wrote:
> I'd like to know if there are any open source IM clients supporting
> OpenPGP via GnuPG or else, for Windows ?

I don't use IM much, but I did spend some time recently trying to find a
suitable IM program with OpenPGP support.  I'd consider using IM if there
were good end-to-end crypto support.

There's a plugin for gaim (which does jabber and other protocols):

There's also gabber, which I'm told is a nice jabber client.  Unfortunately
the gpg support only works for 1.0.6 or older. :(

I haven't used either much at all.  I started working with gabber until I
ran into the problem of it not running with 1.0.7 and up.  I'm not much for
downgrading just for IM support that I don't use much at all.  I should've
tried gaim-e first, maybe it works better.  I don't know, I ran out of time
and patience following the 'crypto IM' tangent that day. :)

I was also a little concerned with this quote from gabber's lead developer,
Julian Missig:

    "I do not keep up with GnuPG at all, and I don't know too much about
    it to begin with."

That doesn't inspire confidence that the gpg support will be done with the
sort of attention to detail you'd want in a crypto app. :)

Perhaps someone with a better eye toward secure programming could lend a
hand to the gabber folks to help them get up and running with gpgme?

Anyway, HTH.

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