.NET library

Erick Thompson ethompson@nbr.org
Wed Jan 8 21:08:02 2003

> On Wed Jan 08 2003; 11:36, Erick Thompson wrote:
> > Is anyone working at creating a managed .NET wrapper for the gnupg
> > I think it would be very useful.
> Do you mean a wrapper for the GPGME lib or what gnupg lib you talk about?

I was thinking GPGME, as it seems to be the best general purpose library.

> AFAIK nobody even started a W32 project based on any GPG code. The only
> Windows project which use GPGME is WinPT I guess. I still work on
> GPGCOM+ but it's not ready for a public release yet.

I haven't run across that project before.

> In any case this is something for gnupg-devel...

Good point. I won't pollute this list any further.