Deploying GnuPG into University Administration

darren chamberlain
Thu Jan 9 14:26:02 2003

* Daniel Luebke <> [2003-01-09 06:12]:
> I'm a student at TU Clausthal and, as a member of our LUG, did a
> workshop for gnupg which was intended to convince students to use
> e-mail-encryption and signing.
> We had good luck and it was a great evening and so our administration
> asked us to do the same for them.

Good news!

> That should be no problem but there's one question, where I'm not quite
> sure, what to say: Since I only used gnupg in private environments, I
> don't know how to centrally manage about 30 keys.

You could probably get keyserver software and run an internal keyserver.
I think keyservers do all the things that you've outlined.


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