newbie problem about signing

Matt Wronkiewicz
Mon Jan 13 18:17:01 2003

> i cannot use my nym since a nym adress must have no relation
> with the real owner, with his real email. it is used to hide
> real email address. so, how can i make the
> defaut id used to sign my keys?

If you are using two secret keys, one for your regular address,
and one as a pseudonym, you can select which key to use by
passing --default-key <key-id> to gpg. You can set the default
secret key to use for signing in the options file as well. Add
the line "default-key <key-id>" to the options file.

> 4/ is signing the method to be used to make those warning
> messages disappear in both kmail and mozilla messenger?

You can also make the messages go away by invoking:
gpg --edit-key <key-id> trust
and choosing "5" for ultimate trust.

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