Automatic Signing via Script

Olaf Gellert
Mon Jan 13 22:47:21 2003

Hi all,

I am writing some scripts for a certification authority.
These scripts are presenting the information of the keys to
be signed to the person who is signing them, ask if
everything is alright, and then just sign the key without
further user-interaction.

What I do is: Call "gpg --edit-key" with the necessary
commands following (so something like gpg --edit-key 1 sign save
would choose the first uid and sign it).

This works. But: It does not work when signing keys that
have an expiry date set, because gpg then asks:

This key is due to expire on YYYY-MM-DD.
Do you want your signature to expire at the same time? (Y/n)

How can I skip this question? I already use "--yes" but it does
not work in this case. If I use "--batch" gpg exits in this
case. Any suggestions?

Cheers... Olaf


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