Problem between version 1.2.1 and

christophe ollier christophe ollier <>
Tue Jan 14 01:20:02 2003

Hello fellow gnupg users,

I just ran into a problem using GnuPG to encrypt an email message sent
to an hushmail (free) account. Newbie warning : I'm rather new to the
world of GnuPG !

Here's what I've done :

  gpg -r --armor --encrypt my_message

Then I sent the output to the above adress. Here's the error message I
got on : "An encrypted message should only have at least
one public key encrypted session key packet and a symmetricaly
encrypted data packet".

Am I doing something wrong, or is something broken with GnuPG or
Hushmail ?

Thanks for your help !

Best regards,
christophe ollier

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