What kind of key do I have?

Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder avbidder@fortytwo.ch
Tue Jan 14 18:23:02 2003

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On Tue, 2003-01-14 at 17:55, David Shaw wrote:

> > You can see the key type from the gpg --list-key output:
> >=20
> > pub  1024D/4EA52583 ...
> > sub  4096g/364DD298 ...
> >=20
> > This means a 1024 bit DSA key with a 4096 bit ElGamal subkey. RSA keys
> > have 'R'.
> Some keys don't map particularly well to the "RSA" vs "DSS/DH"
> question.  My key (99242560) is a "RSA/DH".  Adrian, what would your
> key be - a DSS/DH/DSS/DSS? ;)

Hmmm, good question :-)

I *meant* to indicate that the 'g' in the subkey description stands for
ElGamal and the 'D' stands for DSA. The heise form having only the
choice of RSA and DSS/DH, I'd probably chose the type of the primary, or

I think for all purposes the pgpca at c't (heise) it's not really about
RSA vs. PGP but it's about pgp2 compatibility or not. So they really
should correct that form to 'v3 key vs. v4 key', but how is a user going
to tell the difference then???

... I'd chose DSS/DH even if my primary were RSA, because no pgp2 user
ever is going to use my key.

(Yes, I've not written this email in sequential order.)

Speaking about the Heise keys... can anyone tell me what they'd need an
encryption subkey for?

-- vbi

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