Prefered decryption key?

Charly Avital
Thu Jan 16 10:02:01 2003

At 9:44 PM -0600 1/15/03, Kyle Hasselbacher wrote:
>I have a couple of secret keys, one I use a lot, and one I don't use as
>much.  I sometimes have files encrypted with both of them.  When I go to
>decrypt one, GnuPG usually asks me for the passphrase of the key I DON'T
>use as much.  I'd like to tell it that, given a choice, it should decrypt
>with my more commonly used key (because that passphrase is "worn in" on my
>fingers much more).  Is there a way to do this?
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Change the passphrase of the not so used key, so that it is the same as the key's passphrase you use more commonly?


Revoke the key you don't use so much?