AW: Importing SMIME and PGP7 into GPG

Huels, Ralf SCORE
Thu Jan 16 12:12:03 2003

> I've just looked at the FAQ and documentation for GPG but 
> can't find how to import a public key from a S/MIME 
> certificate that was attached to a mail I received 
> (smime.p7s) or from a PGP signed email.
> Does GPG support either of these formats?

S/MIME is not currently supported. 

For some information on the differences, see for example

You can usually verify a PGP signature with GnuPG, however
the key itself is usually *not* included in the message.

You'll have to process the signature, get the key ID from
the output and retrieve the key from a public key server.
You can configure GnuPG so that it automagically retrieves
unknown keys, though I don't know the relevant options right

If the key is not present on your favorite key server, you'll 
have to ask your correspondent to send his public key to you 
in a separate message (or get it from his home page, maybe).