comment, propagation, and key servers

Charly Avital
Thu Jan 16 12:28:02 2003

At 12:29 PM -0800 1/15/03, Jaye Inabnit ke6sls wrote:
>Today, I 
>uploaded (I think) to 5 other key servers to hopefully make my public key 
>more easily found.

It's best to have a little patience, and wait until the keyserver you uploaded your key to, syncs with other keyservers. 
Uploading the same key to additional keyservers might be frowned upon, and considered to put an unnecessary load on keyservers in general. 

>One user said that I could edit my comment section to include the public key 
>server.  Sounded like a terrific idea, but how do I do this?

I think the best way is to add it in your Options file.
In gpg prior to 1.2.0, it was called ~/.gnupg/options.
In later versions, it is ~/.gpg.conf.

You could open that file, with a text editor, and type one clean line, e.g.:

comment [the text you want to be displayed] then hit return, to create an empty line, save the changes in the text editor, and quit the text editor.
>Finally, as I went through the faq and various documentation for Gnupg, I 
>didn't find a list of key servers.  Wouldn't it be a good idea to have 
>several listed in these documents so users could upload (export?) their keys 
>to more than one to help in key propagation?

There is a command line that will display, in the Terminal, a list of available keyservers. Unfortunately, I can't remember now what it is, sorry.

Hope this helps.


>gpg: Signature made Wed Jan 15 22:29:09 2003 IST using DSA key ID CB5AEA43
>gpg: Good signature from "M.J. Inabnit <>"
>gpg: please do a --check-trustdb
>gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
>gpg:          There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.
>Primary key fingerprint: 56E2 FAE1 39D0 269E B227  8AF9 6470 712A CB5A EA43
>-----END GPG OUTPUT-----