Grouping Keys

Werner Koch
Thu Jan 16 19:02:02 2003

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003 09:07:41 -0800, Jeff Newton said:

> Can someone explain how to assign a name to a group of keys in gpg
> 1.2.0?

> According to man, I thought the following would work:

> gpg --group <name>=<keyid1>,<keyid2>

You better put the group option into your gpg.conf; using it on the
command line does not make much sense and you need to take care of
correct quoting.  Write this into your gpg.conf

group foo@example=11111111 22222222 33333333

If the group consists of the 3 keys with these keyids.  Take care that
there is no space around the '=' and that there is exactly one space
used as delimiter (this is a bug which will be fixed in 1.2.2).

> But gpg asks for additional input (Go ahead and type your message ...)

Use the group name like any other name:

  gpg -e -r foo@example test.txt