Keysigning a "corporate" key - how ?

Matt Wronkiewicz
Thu Jan 16 20:10:04 2003

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> What would be the best for "corporate" ID verification ?

What would be best in my opinion to verify your corporate key,
is to sign the corporate key with your personal key. Then bring
you personal key, but not your corporate key to the key-signing
party. People who want to verify that your corporate key is
valid can decide for themselves whether they trust you to
correctly verify the corporate key, after they have already
verified your personal key. Convince your coworkers to do the
same, to provide a better web of trust. This way the people at
the key-signing event are not put in a position where they have
to determine, from their own limited knowledge of your company,
whether you are a trusted representative from your company or
if you are trying to push a phony key.

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