Keysigning a "corporate" key - how ?

David Shaw
Thu Jan 16 20:24:02 2003

On Thu, Jan 16, 2003 at 12:25:04PM -0500, Toxik - Fabian Rodriguez wrote:

> I'll be attending a keysigning party today and it's the first time
> I'd lik to have our "corporate" key signed as well. For personal
> keys, one usually shows up with personal IDs including pictures, like
> a passport, etc.
> What would be the best for "corporate" ID verification ? We're a
> Canadian company and as such our company records show up at
> (Industry Canada's corporations directory) and a
> provincial site too ( However, what physical
> proof(s) would be recognized by the most people (including
> non-locals), in your opinion ?

This is a difficult question since signing such a key doesn't really
fit into the traditional "identify a person, match that person to a
key, sign the key" model.

Some people will sign such a key, and some people will not.  In a way,
it is similar to the question of whether someone other than a robot CA
operator should sign the robot CA key.

I would recommend that people sign your personal key (as they can
verify who you are, etc), and then you sign the corporate key (since
you can verify it is correct).


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