GnuPG with Perl 5.8 (or best replacement)?

Randall J. Parr RParr@TemporalArts.COM
Fri Jan 17 10:36:33 2003

I have been given the task of migrating some Perl scripts
from Red Hat 6.x with Perl 5.6 using GnuPG
to Red Hat 8.0 which has Perl 5.8.

Attempts to install the GnuPG 0.09 module fail.
It appears there is some Perl 5.8 incompatibility.

I have "googled" 'til my fingers hurt but have been unable to discover 
any guidance as to a version of GnuPG that will install in Perl 5.8 
and/or a recommended module which can replace and/or supercede GnuPG.

I am sorry to contact you directly but I *really* appreciate any 
guidance as to if/how I can install GnuPG with Perl 5.8 or (if that is 
not possible) how best to replace the GnuPG code.

Any pointers / references would be greatly appreciated

Thank you
Temporal Arts