comment, propagation, and key servers

Charly Avital
Fri Jan 17 12:05:02 2003

At 12:44 PM -0800 1/16/03, Jaye Inabnit ke6sls wrote:
>*** PGP Signature Status: good
>*** Signer: M.J. Inabnit <>
>*** Signed: 1/16/03 at 10:44 PM
>*** Verified: 1/17/03 at 12:57 PM
>This worked very well as you can see.  I do have the options file (running
>Debian stable here) and editing/adding my comment entry worked without a
>problem--thank you.  :)

Glad it helped.

>The propagation issue is still bothers me.  Why didn't pass
>along my key to other key servers?  This is beyond my expereince, yet I think
>those that are active in coding Gnupg might want to address the situation.

You have surely seen a post in this list from  Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal'
von Bidder <>, pointing at the fact that doesn't sync with other servers, you'd better read the
exact words in that message.
And you should use a different server.
The server issue does not depend only, I think, on experienced people that
are active in coding GnuPG. It probably depends a lot more on how each
particular server performs, and that's not withing the realm of GnuPG.

>I do not know if it is customary to upload to more than a single key server,
>but I received two messages indicating that others had expereinced the same
>problem as I had (lack of key propagation).

There can be problems in propagation and sync, but I believe that
particular server,, is not a good example.

>wishing you my best.