How to resolve "mpi too large" error?

David M Sandler
Fri Jan 17 18:57:02 2003

> You can only decrypt file with your secret keys wich where encrypted with your
> private keys. When the file was encrypted with the public key from the other
> source then you have no chance to decrypt it. Or you must get hold of the
> other secret key.

I exported my public key and sent it to the other source.  He imported my public
key, signed it, encrypted a file with it, and sent the encrypted file to me.  This
was done at least two months ago.  Back then, I was able to successfully decrypt
the file with my secret key.  But I cannot do it today.  I have the same encrypted
file that was transmitted to me two months ago.  I also have the same key rings
that I used two months ago.

GnuPG needed to be rebuilt within the last two months on the server on which I am
working, and seems to have been rebuilt properly.  This is the first time I have
attempted to decrypt a file since GnuPG was rebuilt on this server.

> A Mantra is a password for the secret keys. You are asked for when you
> generate your key-pair.

Was there an option to not have a password on the secret key?  If so, we may have
chosen not to assign a password for this test.



David M Sandler
Paychex Incorporated