gpg Signature

Anthony E. Greene
Thu Jan 23 13:03:02 2003

On 22-Jan-2003/17:56 -0800, Rasoul Hajikhani <> wrote:
>Hello there,
>I have a question about gpg signature that I am hoping some one may be
>able to answer. I have created a signature file with the '--sign'
>option. The file contained plain text and now I would like to de-sign
>the file, that is I want to convert the content of the file to plain
>text again.
>The gpg man pages does not mention how it is done. It talks about
>'verifying' a signature, but I would like to get my plain text back. Is
>that possible?

Send the output to another file:

  gpg --verify -o textfile.txt signedfile.gpg

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