different keys for different machine?

Matt Wronkiewicz wronkiew@foozone.org
Tue Jan 28 19:03:27 2003

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> Should i simply move my key pair to all of my machines or make
> new one's on each machine?

You will encounter problems if you have multiple keys with the
same email address. One potential problem is that someone who
wants to send you an encrypted message will have to choose
between several keys to encrypt to. If you retrieve this message
on a machine that does not have the corresponding private key,
then you are stuck.

On the other hand, if one or more of these computers is not as
secure as the others, such as a computer at your office that you
do not have control over, you may want to keep a separate, low
security key on that machine. In this case you would want to
generate a revocation certificate and keep it secure in case
someone gets into your files.

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